The majority of our partners can be found in the listed industries.
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From nought to sixty.

Hardly any other industry in Germany receives as much attention as the automotive sector. Trendsetting technologies – such as electromobility or lightweight construction – are already established in the market. The change in the automotive sector continues and we are happy to support you with individual CNC parts.

No matter how cumstomisable you have to act or react, even in the shortest time. DFP’s machining solutions go with you every step of the way – at every pace.

As a long-standing partner of the automotive industry, we have extensive know-how in the machining of all metals in the micrometre range. In addition, we manufacture custom-fit gauges and assemblies according to your individual requirements.

We build you up.

Robust, long-lasting solutions are the declared goal of the construction industry. With our parts – which are manufactured according to your individual demands – we support you in achieving this goal. No matter whether you are working in civil engineering or building construction, we manufacture your individual CNC parts.

When it matters.

The demand for high-quality pharmaceutical and medical technology is growing exorbitantly, and high-quality CNC parts from a trusted partner are increasingly in demand.
For machining solutions in the pharmaceutical industry – with its often life-sustaining machines, devices, implants – DFP ensures maximum cleanliness and accuracy in addition to maximum precision.
Using our state-of-the-art machines and fully digitalised planning, we ensure that your individual requirements are met to the micrometre and that the entire value-added process is traceable.

A tailor-made solution for every challenge

In special and mechanical engineering, superlatives are part of everyday life. The large variety of materials and individual parts can be intimidating. We are aware of this and are prepared for all exceptions, individual and special cases, for every “we’ve never had that before”. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you your individual solution quickly and without complications.

Where reliability meets reproducibility.

The food processing technology and packaging industries are made up of a large number of different economic sectors, which in themselves comprise different industrial segments. The complexity already starts with the production, which can consist of diverse materials and must fulfil the most varied tasks.

We are happy to support you in the production of your packaging materials by manufacturing requirement-specific CNC parts for you. DFP assures its customers of absolute repeatability with 100 percent consistency. Even for very large runs, our largely automated production enables identical solutions in small series. Our fully digitalised value-added process ensures 100 percent traceability of all projects and the experience gained from well over 10,000 orders.