DFP stands for highest precision and outstanding quality.
We always keep an eye on the time- and cost-efficient implementation of your requirements.
The basis for this is our continuously networked machine park.

  • Turning diameter: max. 330mm
  • Turning length: max. 800mm
  • Driven tools main spindle & counter spindle, partly with bar loader up to 1,200mm
  • 3-, 4-, as well as 5-axis simultaneous machining, partly automated
  • Dimensions (max.): 800mm x 700mm x 4.000mm
  • Special features: 5-sided machining
  • Dimensions (max.): Ø 730mm x 450mm
  • Shuttle machining possible
  • Surface grinding dimensions (max.): 800mm x 500mm
  • Cylindrical grinding dimensions (max.): Ø 250mm x 250mm
  • 3D measuring machines (measuring range of 800mmx1500mmx700mm)
  • Conturographs (also large and heavy workpieces can be easily tested)
  • Optical gauges
  • Height gauges

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We mark a wide range of metals and non-ferrous materials with our high-performance lasers. We offer the right laser solution for individual and series marking to contract marking and marking specifically for tool- and mouldmakers.

Various other workshop machines are available for flexible processing of your individual requirements.


Multiple functions – fully digitalised and automated, high productivity, maximum machining accuracy and equipped with a short bar loader for the fastest set-up processes.

  • Max. Ø300
  • Max. Length 300mm

Designed for high performance and high speed, the turning and milling functions ensure unrivalled productivity right from the first workpiece.

  • Max. Ø330
  • Max. Length 900mm

highest productivity, precision and reliability
enormous versatility
highly efficient machining
High level of environmental friendliness

  • Max. Length in X 1000mm
  • Max. Length in Y 500mm

Multiple functions, high productivity and maximum improvement in machining accuracy.

  • Max. Machining length (X-axis): 600mm
  • Max. Machining width (Y-axis): 600mm

Super-efficient multi-sided machining. 5-axis simultaneous machining. Shortest throughput times and maximum machining accuracy. Fully digitalised and automated production.

  • Spindle 18,000 rpm
  • Max. Length in X 500mm
  • Max. Length in Y 500mm
  • Max. 500 Kg
  • incl. Over 200 tools
  • Double palette changer
  • Automatisierung
  • 24 pallets
  • Max. 300x300x150mm
  • Max. 30 Kg